Kakapo - You Can Help!

Without help, the Kakapo could soon be extinct. You can help by supporting this unique bird and the habitats it occupies by making donations to the organizations listed below, or using your particular talents to raise awareness of the Kakapo's plight.

Zealand Department Of Conservation - Te Papa Atawhai
New Zealand Department of Conservation
Te Papa Atawhai
The Department of Conservation is responsible for direct work with the Kakapo, which includes fundraising, actual field work, various forms of research, and determining what humans can do to best assist the birds in recovering from the edge of extinction. You may send donations directly to the Kakapo Recovery Programme.
Postal Address: The Kakapo Recovery Programme, P.O. Box 10-420, Wellington, New Zealand.

Comalco New Zealand is a member of the Threatened Species Trust Programme (TSTP), a partnership between the Department of Conservation, the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society and the New Zealand Conservation Authority. Comalco New Zealand is sponsor of the Kakapo Recovery Programme. Comalco has been involved in the Kakapo Recovery Programme since 1990, and has provided more than $1 million to save the critically endangered parrot.

The sponsorship is linked to the promotion of can recycling, particularly in schools. Help recycle, and you help save the Kakapo. What a great deal!

Kakapo Rescue
A kakapo chick
A fledgling kakapo chick.
A small organization dedicated to the survival of the Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus). Their purpose is to teach people of the plight of endangered species. Kakapo Rescue members are all non-paid volunteers.

Email: kakapo1@webtv.net
Contact: Rebecca Dennet, President.

The Fabulous Kakapo
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