The Fabulous Kakapo

The Credits

Don Merton
of the New Zealand Department of Conservation graciously provided the photographs for this site. He also provided a heap of liteature about the kakapo, as well as moral support in the creation of this site from the beginning, in 1994.

Rebecca Dennett
of Kakapo Rescue provided a generous amount of her time and materials about the kakapo. She has been a wealth of enthusiasm and inspiration. She was the first person to provide information about the kakapos for this site. If you live in the U.S. and desire to know anything about the kakapo, contact Rebecca at Kakapo Rescue.

Mary Cresswell
provided the comprehensive list of references, compiled for the New Zealand Department of Conservation. She patiently waited and resupplied information as our Macintosh here at The Fabulous Kakapo repeatedly mangled her emailed files.

Shayne Waldron
sends us URLS for news updates. You can thank Shane for the timely news links.

Itsuro Imai
translated the *entire* site into Japanese, and mirrors the Fabulous Kakapo in Japan. What a feat! Check out the rest of Itsuro's site, "M&I's 1997 Bird Room" in either English or Japanese. It is beautiful.

José Santos
translated the site into Portuguese! Look at his work on the Portuguese Parrot Breeder Assotiation web site for more great parrot information, and nice pictures! In Portuguese.

Björn Franke
He helped translate the site into German. Without him we couldn't have translated it so quickly. Many thanks to Björn.

Patrick Enger
Patrick's most important contribution has been setting up the domain in 1999, and giving this web site a truly international place to be! In the middle of 1998 Patrick had the idea to translate the Kakapo site into German. After he received the go ahead from Rebecca in October 1998, he and Björn translated the entire site, so that people who don't speak English can read this interesting information about the Kakapos - with the hope that we can keep the kakapos alive for a long time.

Rebecca Bateman
Rebecca built this site in 1994, and has been working on the writing, design, HTML, and research ever since. Trying to explain why she did this is like trying to tell someone why a butterfly's wing is beautiful, why you shouldn't smash the vase, why, as Wordsworth put it, "Even a mouse can stagger sextillions of infidels". We live around incredibly amazing creatures.

Yet we forget. We think we know what they are and do. Some are lost as time passes, and hey, who really cares about another bird, or bear, or insect anyway? Well, we should. If you look more closely at these creatures, you'll be surprised. There are weird and wonderful things going on right under our noses.